Monday, January 17, 2022


I posted elsewhere that my plant collection that I've had for years has grown a lot in the last year.  I find myself taking pictures of some of my pretty plants and I didn't really know where to share them so for a while I just didn't.  I think I've decided to share them here.  I know this is the spot where you come to see my cute cats, but now you'll also get some pretty plants.  😁


This tiny thing is a String of Pearls from my sister.  She's on her third one and I asked for a cutting to try my hand at them.  So consider this the before picture.  Hopefully in a few months I can show some beautiful growth!

I actually ended up giving away this Pink Polka Dot plant to a friend of mine.  I originally got it as part of an arrangement with other plants from Lowes.  It was half off because they all looked pretty sad and were half dead.  I didn't really have high hopes for this because it was so tiny and sad looking, but it grew fast and even flowered for me.  All the other sad looking plants from that arrangement are also flourishing with the exception of the Croton which was in such bad shape that I misidentified it, didn't provide it with enough light due to my misunderstanding of what it was, and it declined even more until it died.  Truthfully, I'm not even the slightest bit upset about that one.  Hahahaha!

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