Thursday, March 31, 2022

Shenanigans with Kitties

Arien snagged a turn in the basket while I was in-between photographing the hamsters.  She seemed to think it was for her, not them.  😅


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

More Plants

I recently got this gorgeous Philodendron Brasil from Young's Greenhouse & Florist.  I'll admit that I haven't always been that interested in these, especially since I've learned of the cream splash variety which I think it so much prettier.  But the cream splash is pretty much unavailable to me, especially in a price range that I'd even consider, and when I saw this, I actually thought it was so neat that I couldn't pass it up.

This is my Global Green Pothos that I got at Lowes.

My Fiddle Leaf Fig is exploding with new growth right now.  I think there are 5 new leaves coming in right now.  😮

Look at how much my String of Pearls has grown!  And it's even bigger now as I actually took these pictures a couple weeks ago.  It's been so neat watching this grow!

I really love the Calathea Vitatta, so after my first one tanked because I kept doing all the wrong things, I decided to get a new one and actually do my best to do all the right things.  It is currently living in a terrarium I made along with my Fitonia and some prayer plants.

I LOVE my Manjula Pothos!  I especially love that I found it at Walmart for $3.50.  😁  I actually ended up giving part of it away to a new friend who was sad that she missed out.  But I'm starting to see new growth on mine so hopefully it fill out again.

I never thought I'd get a Peperomia, but this Frost has stolen my heart with its shimmery leaves!  It's stunning!  I found this beauty at Lowes.  😊

I picked up this Scindapsus Pictus Exotica from a lady on a Facebook group I'm in for plants.  I'm so excited to watch it grow in to a full plant!

This Philodendron Brandtianum was another Lowes find.  Half of it died off pretty fast, but the rest hung on and I've seen a lot of new growth.  I know others who got plants from this same shipment lost their plants completely.  I'm not entirely sure what the issue was, but I'm glad my has survived.