Monday, December 16, 2019

New Lens

I recently got a new lens.  It's a Yongnuo 35mm f/2.  This is the first lens I own that isn't Canon.  I bought it because I wanted something wider than my 50 and frankly, it was dirt cheap compared to what a lens normally costs.  I really like how wide it is and what I can do with it, but it isn't as sharp as I would like.  I'm trying to decide if it's worth keeping it or if I should try again with a different (much more expensive) version of this lens.  Anyways, here are my test shots!  As always, I prefer the pets as my subjects, although there are some plants as well.  😊

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Lazy Days

I'm really missing my husband today.  He has so many responsibilities that on some days, I only get an hour or two with him between his various obligations.  Yesterday was one of those days, and so today, I'm missing him extra.  So I've focused more on my work today and took breaks to play with the pets.  I think they are feeling a bit lazy as they also wait for my husband to be home again.  We only have a couple hours left now!  😊

Monday, December 9, 2019

Dreary Day

It's a bit of a dreary day with the rain we are having.  The pets all seem a bit restless.  It seemed like a good opportunity to take some pictures of them, so here they are!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Cuddles with Kira

So the theme of these pictures is that Arien and Kira are almost always cuddling together for naps and baths.  They also are almost always playing together.  In other words, they spend a LOT of time together!  I love that they love each other so much!  I noticed this past week that Kira hasn't been terrorizing the hamsters since she's bonded with Arien, which also means that Arien hasn't shown interest in them either.  I then realized I think Laurelin probably actually liked Kira's attention because this past few weeks, Laurelin seems SO intent on escaping her cage.  Animals are so weird and funny!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pretty Arien

Well I clearly didn't post these when I thought I would!  Life has been crazy over here with not enough sleep thanks to Arien still waking us up during the night.  My husband and I also got quite sick this past week.  Anyways, going to the vet with both Beren and Arien went surprising very well!  Beren was so great waiting for his turn while Arien was checked out.  Arien was so calm and sweet.  Everyone at the vet was so happy to see her again and was thrilled and amazed that she's grown so well and is so big now!  The vet said Beren is looking good, and she's so happy that we have finally gotten him to eat so well so consistently.  We do need to do better with his teeth, so we are gonna see how a toy and toothpaste works for him to do it himself.  If that doesn't work well enough, we'll look at other options.