Wednesday, July 21, 2021

My Pretty Kitties

Life has been a bit different without Beren.  I noticed that the cats quickly started playing more and more, especially out in the living room.  Beren used to stop them if they were running around too much so without him policing them, they've been going nuts.  Arien has been bugging Kira more than she used too.  She intentionally chases and attacks Kira more.  Kira has been way more cuddly, even to the extend of getting aggressive about it if I don't stop what I'm doing to show her love.  Both are seeking more attention that they used to be able to get from or direct towards Beren.  Obviously we all miss him.  All in all, I think we are all handling this new stage in our lives about as well as can be expected.  We bought a bunch of puff balls, and Kira has been so so so happy!

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